I am a potato.

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single bells single bells single all the way
oh what fun it is to ride nothing because I’m fucking single

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Klaus Chats: Klaus trains Klausy

Klaus: Alright Klausy we need to train you buddy. Are you ready?
Klausy: Bark!
(Klaus holds up a picture of Tyler)
Klausy: GRRRRRR. And attacks the picture.
Klaus: Good job! Yes when we see Tylah, we attack got it?
(Klaus holds up a picture of Stefan)
Klausy: Barks! And licks the picture
Klaus: Good Klausy. We welcome Rippah. He is good.
(Klaus holds up a picture of Hayley)
Klausy: GRRR (makes a disgusted face) and rips up the picture with its teeth.
Klaus: Yes. We will always destroy Holly. Okay last test.
(Holds up a picture of Kol and Rebekah)
Klausy: Looks cute and has the puppy dog face
Klaus: Yes! Perfect. So remember if Caroline and I are ever having sexy times, you'll distract those two away with your power of cuteness! They have cock blocked me for the last time! No lock can keep those pests out.
Klaus: Who said being cute couldn't be a weapon? Aww you cute wittle guy!
Caroline: Omg... did you just do a baby voice?
Klaus: No....
Caroline: Both my guys are so cuteee. Come here (Hugs)
Klaus: I'm not CUTE! I'm an evil hybrid. I'm the alpha male.
Caroline: Aww but you are my wittle alpha male.
Klaus: Curses.
Klausy: BARK!
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